4 Simple Yet Smart Crafts for a More Colorful Garden

A garden is not only good as green. It looks homier and livelier with various bright colors. If you don’t have enough fully-bloomed flowers yet, you can create your own craft designs with these simple DIY suggestions. You can either follow the exact instructions or just get inspiration from the list. Enjoy these pretty simple but undoubtedly marvelous garden crafts: Ladybug Painted Rocks I tried this craft first seen on Crafts by Amanda because it looks so simple. I have experience in painting before, so it was a breeze for me. Besides, you don’t have to be a painter or an artist to nail this craft. Each stone is only composed of two colors. Also, it just needs circles and dots. My wife loves gardening so much that I got hooked as well. Materials Smooth round or oval rocks Patio paints of various bright colors Black patio paint Paintbrush (if possible, two – big and small) Toothpick Patio paint clear coat or outdoor sealer Instructions Wash and wipe the rocks dry. Paint the rocks with brightly colored patio paint. Let it dry for a while. To save paint, you don’t need to put color at the bottom of the rocks if you will put them on the soil. Paint the head black. Let it dry for a few minutes. With a tiny brush or the tip of the brush handle, paint black dots all over the body. Again, using a small brush or the brush’s handle tip, paint two white dots for the ladybug rock’s eyes. Make sure to let it dry completely. Cut the toothpick’s tip off. Dip in black paint and put one tiny black dot on each eyeball. Let the whole rock dry completely. Paint outdoor sealer or clear coat all over the rock. Bottle Cap Flowers […]