4 Simple Yet Smart Crafts for a More Colorful Garden

A garden is not only good as green. It looks homier and livelier with various bright colors. If you don’t have enough fully-bloomed flowers yet, you can create your own craft designs with these simple DIY suggestions. You can either follow the exact instructions or just get inspiration from the list. Enjoy these pretty simple but undoubtedly marvelous garden crafts:

Ladybug Painted Rocks

I tried this craft first seen on Crafts by Amanda because it looks so simple. I have experience in painting before, so it was a breeze for me. Besides, you don’t have to be a painter or an artist to nail this craft. Each stone is only composed of two colors. Also, it just needs circles and dots. My wife loves gardening so much that I got hooked as well.


Smooth round or oval rocks

Patio paints of various bright colors

Black patio paint

Paintbrush (if possible, two – big and small)


Patio paint clear coat or outdoor sealer


  1. Wash and wipe the rocks dry.
  2. Paint the rocks with brightly colored patio paint. Let it dry for a while. To save paint, you don’t need to put color at the bottom of the rocks if you will put them on the soil.
  3. Paint the head black. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  4. With a tiny brush or the tip of the brush handle, paint black dots all over the body.
  5. Again, using a small brush or the brush’s handle tip, paint two white dots for the ladybug rock’s eyes. Make sure to let it dry completely.
  6. Cut the toothpick’s tip off. Dip in black paint and put one tiny black dot on each eyeball. Let the whole rock dry completely.
  7. Paint outdoor sealer or clear coat all over the rock.

Bottle Cap Flowers

This craft from Suburbia UnWrapped is pretty useful while you’re waiting for your flowers to fully bloom. You can line them up along garden plots, especially those that only have greens. These flowers made of bottle caps are also good for color-coded plant labels. This craft is definitely good for the environment because you get to recycle bottle caps.

Suburbia UnWrapped


7 metal caps from bottles for every flower

1 wooden skewer for every flower

Patio paint



Outdoor sealer or patio paint clear coat

Hot glue gun


  1. Arrange seven bottle caps on a newspaper to form a flower. There must be one at the center and six petals to surround it. Place all of them upside down.
  2. Stick the caps together with hot glue. Make sure to put glue gently to avoid gaps between the caps. Go over the whole thing again to ensure sturdiness. Let it dry for a while.
  3. Carefully place the skewer at the center. Stick it with hot glue. Let it dry.
  4. Flip the flower on the newspaper so you can start painting on the right side. You can designate a different color for the center cap. You may go ahead for the rest of the design like dots, stripes and other extras. Put at least two coats of paint to fully conceal the print on the bottle cap. Let the newly painted metal flower dry completely.
  5. Paint outdoor sealer or clear coat all over the flower. Let it dry.

Potted Mushroom Patch

Let’s take things up a notch with this more advanced craft specially designed by Mary Engelbreit Studios compared to the previous two. This project can be a little expensive because you will need a lot of clay pots to fully capture the essence of a mushroom patch. But the end result – wow! This mushroom patch made of clay pots will surely leave passersby and your house guests speechless.

Mary Engelbreit Studios


Clean and unglazed clay pots of different shapes and sizes

Latex craft paints (preferably eggshell)

Assorted circular-tipped foam craft brushes

Acrylic topcoat spray


  1. Outdoors, arrange the clay pots on a big area of newspapers to look like mushrooms.
  2. Either with a brush or spray, apply acrylic sealer all over the pots. Coat them at least twice. Wait until they are completely dry. This step is important to give the pots a smoother surface and save yourself a lot of paint. Spray makes this process easier.
  3. Paint everything in plain colors based on how a whimsical mushroom usually looks like. Let the newly painted pots dry.
  4. Paint details and decorations according to your preference. Dotted mushrooms are easier to design, especially with a foam brush with a circular tip. Make sure to make everything dry completely.
  5. Spray at least two coats of sealer all over the painted pots. Satin coat offers more protection.

Popsicle Fairy Doors

Now, this is my wife’s personal favorite. She loves fairy tales so much that she wanted to incorporate whimsy into her garden. Good thing she stumbled upon this craft idea from Pennywise blog. These fairy doors made of popsicles are perfect to put on pots, either above the soil or at the bottom part. They make it look as if fairies live inside pots or underneath the plants. Imagination can really go a long way!



Craft sticks or popsicles

White glue


Acrylic stains or paints

Craft accessories such as tiny decorations, faux moss and buttons


  1. Glue preferred quantity of sticks together on a paper. Paper gives support and form to the door. Leave excess paper on both sides for a while. Just cut it off after the glue dries up.
  2. While waiting for the glue to dry, stain or paint the front part. Let it dry. For a weathered door design, apply white glue over dried paint. While the glue is still wet, paint acrylic topcoat all over it. Colors contrasting with each other are more effective. Using an old, dry paintbrush can also make the weathered look even better. Let everything dry completely before going to the next step.
  3. Add your preferred tiny accessories for decoration. Doorknobs can be achieved best with buttons.
  4. If you want to put the fairy door on the soil, glue a popsicle stick at the back to serve as stake to be inserted into the soil for a sturdier standing door.
  5. If you prefer to stick the door at the bottom part of the pot, use a strong outdoor tape.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is a great pastime, but you need patience to see your complete work. Plants need to grow for weeks or months. Your garden would definitely look empty or scarce for a while without blooming flowers or fully grown plants. In order to elevate the look of your new garden, these garden crafts can really help.

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