The Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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Stand-up paddle boarding is a fast-growing water sport. It’s now one of the outdoor sporting activities with the most first-time participants. That can’t be surprising if you consider how easy stand-up paddle boarding is despite its numerous health and fitness benefits. This water sport is accessible to any enthusiast with any athletic inclination.


Here are some top benefits of stand up paddle boarding:

Healthy, full body workout.

Stand up paddle boarding offers a challenging, great core workout. Paddling engages almost all your muscles either actively or as core stabilizer. As you try to balance, your stabilizing muscles are activated in a therapeutic way. Your whole midsection needs to work to keep you well-balanced and afloat. Your leg muscles must also work hard to stabilize your center of gravity. Your arms, shoulders and back get their work out as you propel the board in the water.

Low impact exercise.

Stand up paddling is a low impact exercise. It is gentle to muscles and joints. You have a very low risk of damaging your tendons and ligaments. The sport can be particularly useful to injured sportspeople undergoing rehabilitation.

Better cardiovascular health.

Paddle boarding offers you an excellent cardio workout. It is good for your heart health. It offers similar benefits as running and aerobics.

Relaxation/ reduce stress/ peace of mind.

Paddling can be very calming. The sensation of floating, the gentle sound of water lapping and the soothing “ocean” sound and help alleviate all heaviness. It soothes your mind and help you relax. If you love yoga, you can practice it as you paddle board for maximum peace of mind.

Getting a good fill of vitamin D from the sun.

Stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor sports activity. It allows you to breathe fresh air. You also soak up extra vitamin D from the sun as you enjoy the natural landscape. Engaging with nature also has a positive effect on mental health and attitude.

It’s empowering.

Standing on a board offers you a unique perspective of the water and the horizon. You feel like you are walking on water. The possibility of falling helps you focus on yourself and your poses. As you learn the sport, you learn among other things, how to propel your board forward, how to avoid falling, and how to maneuver. You also learn to deal with fear. You rely on your intuition more. By the time you get off the water, you will feel rejuvenated and empowered.

It teaches endurance and how to get back up.

Like in every other sport, constant practice leads to better mastery. As a starting practitioner, you may fall and get tired more quickly. If you do fall in, you have no option but to climb on your paddle board and try again. Paddling teaches you how to conquer fear and overcome setbacks. You become okay with falling into the water.

It’s scary fun.

There is a possibility of falling into the water. That awareness leads to a rise in adrenaline that keeps you focused and motivated. Paddle boarding keeps you on your toes and though its touch scary, it’s very rewarding.

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